Two hurricanes heading for Hawaii

Hawaii is getting ready for a double whammy of tropical systems, Iselle and Julio over the next few days.

We focus on the wind speed near the eye of a hurricane when we talk about strength but there are many other factors related to these storms that could create many problems for people and property. Both Iselle and Julio are not expected to be strong, and may only be tropical storms when they make landfall in Hawaii, or at least some close. I think the big issue will be rain, and flooding.

Both storms have solid rain potential of at least a few inches and when you add up the totals back to back we could be looking at some flooding issues when Julio comes close.

Understanding Hawaii's topography you can see the potential for flooding pretty clearly. Hawaii has a ton of very tall mountains, some over 10,000 ft. and are very good at catching rain. In fact, it rains almost every day in some mountain ranges in Maui, and the Big Island. When you add abundant tropical moisture, perfect rain catching topography and back-to-back storms you end up with flooding risks, and ruined vacations in the coming days.

Rob Carlmark


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