Pit bulls in custody for Labor Day killing spree

STOCKTON - A pair of pit bulls that went on a lengthy killing spree on Labor Day have been taken into custody by Stockton Animal Control.

"This weekend we had the dogs loose and they attacked and killed eight cats," Stockton Animal Control Officer Jeremy Crickenberger said. "We had several eyewitnesses to the different attacks."

Neighbor Connie Silva said she has lost cats to the dogs before.

"I lost three of them already, by those same pit bulls," Silva said.

Silva said on Monday the pit bulls killed another one of her cats in her backyard.

"And they were coming into my driveway and they went straight to my backyard because the gate was open," Silva said. "And they went straight back there and got one of my other ones in the back. I just didn't have a chance to grab them all. And he just kill 'em right there in front of my face."

Other neighbors said the dogs have often appeared to threaten humans.

"I've seen both those dogs terrorizing the neighbor's dog and the owners go over and try to get the dog and the dogs will turn on them and bite them," said Joe Lopez, who lives just across the street from the dogs' home on Telegraph Avenue. "I think both those dogs should be put down. They're savage."

Crickenberger came to pick the dogs up on Wednesday afternoon. As the dog sitter brought the pair out, one of them broke loose and charged Crickenberger. He quickly waved a stick in front of the dog, who stopped and ran back. The sitter then put both dogs into the animal control truck without incident.

"We'll have a hearing at the animal owner's request to discuss how we can prevent future incidents from occurring if they choose to go down that road," Crickenberger said.

Otherwise, the two dogs, Nova and Fat Boy, would be euthanized, Crickenberger added.

The owners of the two dogs were not at home, but an unidentified dog sitter at the home acknowledged the pair do get out.

"They don't bite. No, they just run around, so they just have mean barks, though," the dog sitter said.

Animal control is still trying to reach the owners. Silva said she can't imagine the dogs being released back to their owners.

"No, you cannot give those dogs back to those people," Silva said. "No way."


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