Karen Mathews a candidate 20 years after beating

STOCKTON - Twenty years after she was beaten by an anti-tax protester because of her position as a county clerk and recorder, Karen Mathews is running for Congress in the 9th Congressional District.

It wasn't an easy decision since she's already facing new threats.

"A close-up shot to your head, or your husband will be final," Mathews read Thursday from a letter she received in the mail.

Mathews made her campaign announcement outside the Stockton Police Department.

"Quite frankly, I almost dropped out. I am afraid, with good reason to be. But I feel I've started this journey and I want to see it through," Mathews said.

It was in February 1994 when Mathews was beaten in her own home by a man who would later be sentenced to prison. She had been threatened before that attack, and faces similar concerns now that she's running for Congress.

"I think I'm stubborn enough I just won't give in. I just won't do it. If I give in, who's the next person that's going to be threatened out of running for office?" she said.

Mathews is a Republican and hopes to make it past the primary to face Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney.


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