UC Santa Barbara shooting prompts proposal for tougher gun law

Several California state lawmakers are pushing for tougher gun laws in light of last week's mass killings near the UC Santa Barbara campus.

AB1014 would allow anyone to obtain a "gun violence" restraining order against a friend or family member that has shown a propensity to commit violence. It would keep violent and mentally unstable people from buying or owning guns.

The restraining order would work similar to those requested on domestic violence cases.

"That restraining order then allows law enforcement to repossess the weapons and also to put the individual on the list that would not allow them to purchase a gun," Assem. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, said.

Skinner and Assem. Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara, co-authored the bill.

Lawmakers highlighted gaps in the state's gun laws after last's week's massacre. The family of the shooter 22-year-old Elliot Rodger notified authorities about his mental instability before the shooting. Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies visited his apartment, but took no action.

"I think what broke down here is that parents and law enforcement did not have a way to prevent him from purchasing weapons," Williams said.

As part of the Senate's state budget plan, leaders have also proposed to expand training to law enforcement officers to help them identify potentially dangerous people. This proposal was in the works prior to the Isla Vista shooting.

"I recognize that our law enforcement makes tough calls every day, but I also recognize we do not do enough to train them," state Sen.Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, said.


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