Shoppers reveal their most regrettable purchases

When is the last time you went to the mall or stopped in at your favorite neighborhood store and purchased something that you later regretted? It happens a lot, and people are not always willing to admit their bad buys.

The responses, initially posted by Reddit users, detailed some of the more questionable buys to which buyers were willing to admit.

One user said their dumbest purchase was at a festival where they bought a strawberry on a stick for $5. The berry was not chocolate dipped, it was just a strawberry on a stick.

Another said they bought a few acres of land in New Mexico but can't get water or power to the property, and called it a useless purchase.

Buying land seems to be where a lot of people make their mistakes. Another person wrote about purchasing five acres of desert about five years back at the top of the market for $75,000. The person said he probably couldn't even get $15,000 for it now.

Duo Pinball, a $60 accessory for the iPad, which gives users the actual buttons on a pinball machine, was another item that made the list. CNET listed it as one of its worst buys of 2012. They said the buttons are connected via bluetooth, so when the gamer hits the buttons to launch the pinball in the game, the two are not in sync and there is a delay.

Another user wrote about how they were shopping online looking for a denim jacket with an American flag on the back to give to a friend as a gift. When it arrived in the mail, it turned out to be a jacket fitted for a dog. And they said they were too embarrassed to return it.


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