Stockton school shooting victim calls for armed security at schools

STOCKTON - Five children died and 29 people were injured when a drifter opened fire at the Cleveland Elementary schoolyard on Feb. 17, 1989.

Rob Young was 6 years old at the time. He was hit twice - one bullet went through his right foot, the other hit him in the chest. Young said a large part of the bullet is still lodged in his chest.

Now, 25 years later, Young is police officer in the Bay Area. He started his career in law enforcement as an officer for the Stockton School District.

Even though he is a shooting victim, Young is against gun control. He said the Cleveland Elementary shooting made him realize the importance of being a responsible gun-owner and having the right to defend yourself against an active shooter on campus.

Young believes there should be armed security in schools, and teachers should be trained and allowed to carry weapons.

"Teachers or somebody on campus, I don't care who they are, as long as we have somebody there with a gun to meet firepower with firepower," Young said. "Minutes matter in a shooting. Seconds matter. If we can have somebody there already to protect our kids, I'm all for that."

Young was in Washington D.C. with his wife last February when he spoke in support of a bill to repeal gun-free zones at schools. He also testified at the state Capitol against a bill that would classify some semiautomatic center fire rifles as assault weapons.


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