Survey: 75 percent of vets sleep with animals

Allowing your pet to sleep with you in your bed is something that has been debated over for many years. Some pet owners have allergies and sleeping with a face full of fur only makes it worse. Others worry about what the animals are tracking in from outside. So what do veterinarians have to say on the matter? conducted a poll where they asked vets what they do with their own animals at home. Of the 255 vets who were polled, 75 percent said they allowed a pet to share their bed.

Some people are more likely to allow their cat to sleep with them in bed because the cat doesn't take up a lot of space. But it turns out, 52 percent of those vets allowed both the cat and the dog to sleep in the bed with them.

What about getting sick? Can your pet pass something onto you while in bed? That's been a concern in recent years after an ABC News report looked at the connection between pet intimacy and cases of people contracting strep throat, MRSA, meningitis, and even the plague.

But vets say the chances of that happening are slim.

What about disrupting your sleep? Or do pets actually help their owners catch some shut-eye? According to the poll, 13 percent of veterinary professionals said they believe their pets help them sleep, but 28 percent of them indicated their pets actually hinder their sleep. More than 50 percent of vets say they saw no difference.


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