Survey indicates students like healthier lunches

The last time News10 talked about kids reacting to healthier school lunches was just two months ago when many of them were expressing their outrage and disgust on social media about what they were being forced to eat. But now it appears the tide might be turning.

According to Reuters, a recent survey found that at 70 percent of elementary schools across the country, school leaders perceived that students liked the new lunches, which are part of a healthier menu required by the USDA.

One of the researchers said this is great news because it suggests that students generally have been quite accepting of the standards, which have substantially improved the nutritional quality of school meals.

The new data was collected by the Institutes for Health Research and Policy. A total of 482 schools responded, and it was school administrators and food service personnel who answered questions about the schools' food offerings, and whether lunch sales had changed from the previous year and if students ate more or less of their lunch.

One teacher noticed a change in her students when she designed a garden for students to grow and cook their own food.

At 56 percent of schools, school administrators said that kids did complain at first. But 70 percent of the survey participants said that kids liked the lunches at the time of the survey.

Researchers added that parents can help the situation by encouraging kids to embrace the new foods by serving healthier meals at home.


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