Water restrictions news to some Natomas residents

SACRAMENTO - In spite of a new city ordinance requiring people to cut water use by 20 percent and to water lawns on only one weekend day, many violators can be seen in almost any neighborhood.

In one North Natomas community, water ran down gutters along many blocks. What do people give as an excuse?

"I didn't even read anything in the paper or anything, no notice on our door or anything," resident Carolyn Carrasco said. "No one's come knocking yet. So I'm still watering on Wednesdays."

Another man said he'd just moved from North Carolina.

"I just got here three weeks ago. I hadn't heard anything about the drought," he said. "I will make the adjustment now."

Another resident, who only gave her first name Nita, was watering plants in her front yard with a hose not long after her sprinklers had been on.

"I know, I love plants. But, I'm sorry," she said.

Nita added that from now on she'd only water on weekends.

"Our water, I don't know where to turn it off at," another Natomas resident said. "Our water just goes on."

The City of Sacramento has received almost 500 reports of water wasting and has issued 58 notices of violation.

Many, like Carrasco, said they had not been given any formal notice of the changes, like an email or flyer from the city.

"I'd be happy to abide by the law, but I just need to know," she said.


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