Whats' Buggin' You? How to survive skunk mating season

SACRAMENTO, CA - Many Sacramentans are saying they smell and see more skunks than in previous years. News10 spoke to the Department of Fish and Game and a number of animal rescue organizations who all say they don't know if skunk numbers are actually increasing because no one keeps track of skunk population numbers.

"They're everywhere. I see 'em running down the road at ten o'clock in the morning," says Myles McMahon whose home and backyard in Land Park has been occupied by skunks this winter.

McMahon says the smell is terrible, "seriously like the worst thing that could ever happen to your house other than maybe burning down." McMahon and his family were recently forced out of their house at 3 a.m. because of skunks spraying outside. "Our stomachs felt upset, my eyes were watering, it's that bad.

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Steve Andert, an animal trapper with Creature Catchers, says increased skunk activity this time of year is normal. Andert says skunks are often attracted to homes and yards with bird feeders, water features and cat and dog food that's been left outside for pets."What I tell my customers to do, sit down to breakfast, when you're done, pick up the dog's and cat's food."

If it's too late and you've already got a yard and dog full of stink, Andert has a solution, and it's not tomato soup. Andert says to mix an entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide, several drops of dawn dish washing soap, and baking soda in a small bucket of water.

"You mix it all together and you can see how it's foamed up already and you takes this in a cup, pour it over Fido let it sit five minutes and hose it off."

Andert trapped and removed two skunks from McMahon's yard within a four day period. McMahon says his home has been skunk free for more than a week and says hiring a trapper was the right decision.

If you have a skunk problem in your neighborhood, the experts do not recommend trapping skunks by yourself. You should call a professional for help and try removing pet foods from the yard or anything else that might attract a skunk.

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