Why is it so hazy outside?

SACRAMENTO VALLEY, CA - The haze in the air Tuesday is from several fires NOT in the local area, according to Cal Fire.

Smoke from the Aspen Fire burning in the Sierra National Forest in Fresno County is blowing into the Amador and El Dorado county foothills as well as the Sacramento area. As of Tuesday morning, 14,147 acres had burned. Crews have the fire 20 percent contained.

Additionally, Cal Fire said firesalong the southernOregon borderwere sending smoke into Northern California.

Residents also reported smelling thesmoke from the blazes.

"It's not often that we'll see several days like we've seen where fires that are hundreds of miles away provide drift smoke that just becomes stagnant in the valley," Cal Fire spokesperson Daniel Berlant said.

Cal Fire officials want to remind folks who are sensitive to smoke to stay indoors, especially the elderly and young children.

"When we have days like this where the smoke and haze is just really stagnant, we do see an increase in the medical aid calls throughout the region especially folks that have asthma or some type of respiratory issues," Berlant said.

The smoke is not good for you once it enters your lungs, as it can cause asthma and other issues.

Berlant saidif you need to spend time outside, try not to do any strenuous activities where you're breathing in the air for a long period of time.

If you're indoors, turn on your air conditioning so you're not re-circulating the smokey air.


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