Why was Frankie Vargas murdered?

MODESTO, CA- Frankie Vargas wasn't a gang member, didn't owe anyone money, and never said a bad word about anyone, according to his family and friends.

Why then wouldsomeone would gun him down outside of his family's home?

"He was a good boy," said best friend Joyce Hinsz. "He went to work on time. Even when he was sick, he'd work through it. Anytime you needed him, all you had to do was call. It doesn't make sense. He was the most wonderful man."

"He was a hard worker who could fix anything he got his hands on," said Vargas' older brother Miguel Vargas. "He'd go to work everyday, he'd come home, and he'd tinker with stuff -- his car, mow the lawn."

On Monday, the 24 year-old Vargas left his job as a head cook at Sconza Candy in Oakdale and drove the 14 miles to his family's house in Modesto. As soon as he pulled up, his mother said another car drove up next to him and opened fire. The family heard several gunshots and ducked for cover inside the house. Vargas' younger sister saw Vargas crawl out of the passenger side door and collapse. The shootersped off and hasn't been caught.

STORY: Man killed in drive-by shooting in Modesto

"We want the people that did it in jail," said Miguel Vargas.
"This wasn't right. My brother was just a good person."

Vargas' mother was too upset to talk on camera, but said Frankie was the straight arrow who dressed neatly, helped the family pay rent, and always remembered to say "I love you" before leaving.

"If I needed a pair of shoes, he'd let me borrow his shoes, or a shirt to match my clothes, you know," said Miguel Vargas.

"Even if you were down and out at your most awful, he could always make you laugh," said Hinsz.

If Vargas hadn't been murdered, he planned to enlist in the U.S. Army. On Monday night, he was supposed to take his final test at the recruitment center on Standiford Avenue.

Vargas' family and friends want justice for him and encourage people to come forward with any information as to who killed their brother and best friend.


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