Woman's lost locket with sister's remains is returned

SACRAMENTO – Bianca Sisneros, still mourning the loss of her sister, was dealt another devastating blow when she lost a locket containing her sister's ashes.

Sisneros' young daughter noticed the locket was missing on Saturday.

"When she looked down to give Drea kisses, and I looked down and I just started crying," Sisneros recalled.

While most of Andrea Godina's remains are in an urn at her mother's house, the locket held some of her ashes, which is all Sisneros has left of her sister.

Godina was in Seoul, South Korea where she was teaching English to kids. She suddenly died of the flu in January. Losing her was even more devastating when the family had to battle bureaucratic red tape just to bring Godina's remains home.

"My stomach started hurting," mother Kathy Ruiz said. "And it was like we lost her again and now we have to find her."

Sisneros knew she lost it at an Elk Grove Jamba Juice on Saturday. She immediately began retracing her steps.

"So many questions were running through my mind," Sisneros said. "Who would have picked it up? Would someone return it if they did find it?"

It turns out someone did find the precious locket and posted a picture of it on Facebook, which got hundreds of thousands of shares.

Sisneros connected with the woman who found it.

"It touched her. She also cried. She was like, 'I'm so glad I was able to find you,'" Sisneros said. "It was one of those moments there is good people out there."

The reunion was made even sweeter because Godina's fiance was visiting them in Sacramento. Sisneros and the rest of the family feel closer to Godina as they get to know the man she loved and was about to marry.

"I put [the locket] on and I said, 'you're never going to leave me. Again.' So she's staying there," Sisneros added. "I heard her telling me, 'Alright bonkers, you learned your lesson. Don't take me off.'"


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