4 top answers from Sacramento Republic FC Reddit AMAA

The Sacramento Republic FC opened up to fans during a Reddit AMAA (Ask Me About Anything) event Thursday afternoon.

Club President Warren Smith responded to a variety of questions from fans about the future of the team, outreach programs and more.

Here are four of the top rated answers during the AMAA:

Fan ImAmazing asked about possible expansion of Bonney Field and an academy. Smith responded:

"First, to address the sun issue we have moved the start time back to make the sun a lesser factor. We are exploring and working with Cal Expo and Ovations to add additional seats as early as next year. It is important to grow our season ticket base to compete at the MLS level.

"Yes we will have an academy, although this will still be San Jose's catchment area until we are awarded MLS. It is very important to play our role in growing the talent pool to help our country win the World Cup. We take this responsibility very seriously."

Fan LourencoGaucho asked about the team reaching out to minorities in the community and increasing the diversity among game attendees. Smith said:

"We are doing all we can to celebrate the diversity of Sacramento. I come from a community where I was a minority, and recognize the importance of inclusion. While we thought we were doing well, but we will watch more closely because of your comment. We have a Latino outreach group, but want to make this facility a place for all. After all, we are a reflection of the entire community."

Fan RepublicDan, who claims to be "an ardent supporter of SacReoublic FC," asked what fans can do to help demonstrate to MLS that Sacramento should join the league. Smith replied:

"Oh. Thank you for your support. We are lucky to have you. First, get your friends to join in. Second, communicate to the league. Thirdly, we will bringing people together to celebrate the league's visit and hope that community can come out in the strong manner to show their support.

"More communication in this area to follow. You're doing a lot and we appreciate it all."

Fan landparkdon said the Sacramento Republic has "one of the coolest crests in US soccer and love how much imagery is drawn from California," and wanted to know where the team's visual identity came from. Smith said:

"Thanks. The truth is that the people of Sacramento helped to design our crest. We used internal assets and Augustin ideas to help mold the concepts into a brand we felt; one, represented Sacramento, two, would stand out at the USL PRO level, and three be able to move to the MLS. Everything within the crest was inspired by the California flag, it was important to be consistent in color choices since we were developing the brand and since we are only in our first year before we started playing around with other options. Tim Stallings our merchandise manager has some very creative additions that we look to start rolling out next year."

However, when fans asked about rumors of Vivek Ranadive, the Sacramento Kings majority owner, buying the team, Smith stayed silent – ignoring the questions and addressing different a comment.

You can read the entire AMAA thread at http://bit.ly/1oTYNrD.


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