SACRAMENTO, CA - While many people put on the red, white and blue on Memorial Day, a south Sacramento man plastered his home with an anti-American display.

On his windows, car and garage, he posted signsof an upside-down American flag with "sux" written across the stripes. Other signs had anti-American slurs..

"I'm respecting people who died for this country. I'm doing what's right. I'm telling the truth," said the man who did not identify himself.

While the man is protected by freedom of speech, others in the neighborhood were concerned about the nature of thedisplay.

Steven Ash, an army veteran, who lives in the neighborhood, removed the signs from the fence along the man's property. Ash considersthe signsa personal attack.

"He's anti-American and he says he's for the people, but he's against the people," Ash said.

When Ash confronted the man to ask why he posted the signs, the man replied, "that's not a football team, that's a flag. If you're a patriot, your loyalty should be tothe people. If you're a real patriot, your loyalty belongs to the people, not some government."

Neighbors said the signs were posted last week.

"It offends me,but not to the point where I'm mad at him," Andre Crump said."I know something's wrong with him. He's got issues. I just look at it as another guy with issues."

The man also posted a DVD on poles in the neighborhood; it was labeled "Inside Job, Proof". On the DVD, there are files and videos criticizing the 9/11 Commission Report, the official report of the events leading up to the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The man said the DVD is evidence that Al-Qaeda does not exist.

"My duty is to the people. As a loyal patriotic American my duty is to the people of the country, not some fascist federal corporation," the man said.

"I don't think what he's doing is called for and we really don't need that because we've got a lot of soldiers dying you know, fighting for this country and we've got people like that disgracing us," neighbor Leon Murphy said.

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