In indie film Celeste and Jesse Forever, Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play a couple determined to stay friendly through their divorce. In real life, Jones played interviewer during lunch at the Four Seasons on Thursday, quizzing Samberg on his last night on Saturday Night Live's May 19 finale.

"Did you say goodbye and stuff?" Jones asked Samberg.

"I said goodbye in Lazy Sunday 2," said Samberg, of his last digital short. "The last line, I said, 'On these New York streets I honed my fake rap penmanship, that's how it began, that's how I'm gonna finish it.'

Jones was surprised. "You didn't get to say goodbye, like on the show?"

"No," said Samberg. "But I hadn't officially announced yet."

The focus that night was on Kristen Wiig's exit, and the show ended with the Bridesmaids star donning a cap and gown, holding back tears as she hugged each member of the cast while Mick Jagger serenaded her with Ruby Tuesday.

"It was super emotional," said Samberg. "In fact, after it cut to commercial, or cut away from the show and the show ended, Amy Poehler was up on stage with us. She knew that I was leaving and she kind of pushed me up front, so me and Kristen did kind of had a moment, just the two of us, standing at the front of the stage."

"I love when Amy Poehler's pushy," said Jones, who co-stars with Poehler on NBC's Parks and Recreation. "She's pushy for all the right reasons."

"I appreciated it," agreed Samberg. "It was nice. You know, me and Kristen kind of took a bow together for the studio audience and walked off the stage together. It was super emotional, for sure."

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