STOCKTON, CA - It was started by Barron Hilton for his kids. More than 50 years later, his fireworks show brings thrills to thousands of delta boaters.

Hilton is the son of Conrad Hilton, who started the hotel chain andthe grandfather of Paris Hilton.But each 4th of July, he's known as the man turning the sky bright near Venice Island, just west of Stockton.

"Spectacular fireworks, friendly people and a good old fashioned American celebration,"Sacramento residentRay Black said.

Like many others, he's been parked near Venice Island for a few days already.

"It's just awesome," Lodi resident Curt Page said. "Phenomenal, and it keeps getting better."

For people hoping to see the show who don't have boats, the fireworks should be visible from the west end of 8 Mile Road, and from Highway 12 (looking to the south).

By Tim Daly,

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