TURLOCK, CA - A mother is charged with murder after her 2-year-old daughter was found dead inside her Turlock home on the 1100 block of N. Denair Avenue, according to Officer Mayra Lewis.

Brandy Devine, 25, was arrested on Monday and is being held at the Stanislaus County jail without bail, according to jail records.

Neighbor Lydia Whitworth heard screams coming from Devine's Turlock home on Monday afternoonand ran to help.

"When I opened the door Brandy was just there hysterical saying 'Something's happened. The baby, the baby," recalled Whitworth.

Devine told Whitworth the child was dead.

Whitworthsaid Devine was the only adult inside the home. In a bedroom, Whitworth found 2-year-old Stephanie inside a crib. The toddler waswearing a shirt and had a dirty diaper, Whitworth said.

"At that time, a neighbor came with the phone with 911 already on the line, and they're asking what I see and if I can do CPR. I said 'I can't.' By the look of the baby there was no purpose of doing CPR," Whitworth said.

Whitworth said the child appeared to be dead for awhile.

"She was just gray. It's just, it's in my mind. I was really in shock yesterday," Whitworth said.

Neighbors began to gather around the scene when they saw the ambulance and police.

"They put the caution tape around. They brought Brandy out put her into the(detective's)car with all her kids and then they took off," said neighbor Angelica Valasquez.

Detectives interviewed Devine and she was arrested a short time later. She's charged with murder and two counts of child endangerment.

The child's cause of death has not been released.

"I tried asking her. I said 'Brandy, what happened what happened?" said Whitworth. "She goes, I don't' know I don't know. I go 'Well, when was the last time you checked on the baby? And she was just mumbling 'I don't know, I don't know. I think it was last night.'"

According to Devine's father, Randy Devine, Stephanie had cerebral palsy. He said Denise has three other children and was a stay-at-home Mom. Her other children are now with Child Protective Services, according to Devine.

"We are concerned about the truth and I don't believe (Brandy) to be out of line or vicious with the kids," Randy Devine said. "This is a surprise."

The father of Brandy Devine's children, Jorge Torres, was deported to Mexico about a month ago, according to Devine. Neighbors said since that time there has been a lot of activity at the Turlock home.

Anyone with information about the toddler's death is urged to call Det. Justin Williamson (209) 668-5550 extension 6631.

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