DEL PASO HEIGHTS, CA - Sacramento police say neighbor complaints about questionable individuals hanging around a home led to the discovery of an 85-year-old bedridden woman living insqualor.

Police Sgt. Andrew Pettit said when officers went to thehome on the 3700 block of Willow Street Thursday morning, they noted a strong smell of urine at the front door.

Clarence Blevens, 56, answered the door and let them in. Blevens' 85-year-old wife was found in bed.

"The officers were able to go inside and talk to her," said Pettit. "They found out (Blevens) was her primary caregiver and she wasn't getting the attention she deserved. Inside the home, they found trash, moldy food, cockroaches ... just a really bad area."

Pettit said she was transported to a local hospital for care and Adult Protective Services had been contacted.

Blevens was arrested on booking charges of elder abuse (for inattention)and outstanding warrants.

In the backyard, officers reported two transients had set up camp. Two dogs were in the yard, too. The dogs were taken by animal control.

A neighbor said thehusband should not have been put in jail.

"What the gentleman needed was help, not to be thrown in jail ... they should be helping him out and taking care of his wife. He loved his wife very dearly. I know it, I saw him a lot. He was always there and did everything for her," the neighbor said.

Jonathan Mumm contributed to this report

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