COLFAX, CA - Fans who filled the Colfax High School stadium to watch a high-energy game against rival Placer High said the biggest tackleof the night came from the father of one of the players.

Troy Minton-Sander, an off-duty Placer County sheriff's lieutenant, sprinted onto the field during the second quarter Friday night to take down a shirtless and belligerent man who suddenly became the center of attention.

"I had to make a decision as a father and peace officer and the safety of those kids came first," said Minton-Sander, whose son Stone plays for Placer.

The video posted on YouTubeshows Minton-Sander slamming into the intruder from behindshortly after the man picked up the game ball.

WATCH: See the entire video on YouTube

Off-duty Roseville police officer Brandon Bean, whose son plays for Colfax, distracted the man while Minton-Sanderapproached.

A third off-duty officer, Placer County sheriff's Sgt. Paul Nicholas, also has a son on the Colfax team and quickly joined the dogpile.

All received a rousing ovation as they escorted the manfrom the field.

Patrick Hurley, 26, was booked into the Placer County Jail on a charge of disorderly conduct and being drunk in public.

Hurley listeda Missouri address and was released on his own recognizance Saturday.

Colfax High School principal Rick Spears said the Friday night spectacle was unprecedented.

"I've been here 17 years and we've never had anybody go on the field before," Spears said.

Minton-Sander is no stranger to the gridiron, having played on the Placer team in the late 1980's.

Perhaps the sharpest criticism surrounding Minton-Sander's dramatic takedown came from his son,a tight end for the Placer Hillmen who criticized his dad's technique.

"He said I need to drive my hips through," Minton-Sander said.

by George Warren,

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