One Roseville businesswoman is hoping hugs become so popular, people are willing to pay for them. She's charging nearly $30 for cuddle sessions.


A Roseville businesswoman hopes hugs become so popular, people will pay for them.

Kelly Peterson is the owner and chief cuddler of the Cuddle Connection in Roseville off Sunrise Avenue. She believes there is a market for hugging.

"Our mission is to provide a safe platonic human embrace, in a beautiful and safe space," Peterson said.

Peterson said she employed three people for her cuddle team and is looking to hire 10 part-time employees.

Cuddle session start at $29 for a half hour and $49 for an hour cuddle session.

Peterson compares her business to a trip to the day spa, minus the massage. She said all cuddles come with strict guidelines, and her business is not a sleazy shop.

"Absolutely not," Peterson said. "No nudity of any kind, no inappropriate touching."

Cuddling for cash isn't new, several businesses across the country and the world have popped up, including shops in Japan and in New York.

Peterson believes her clientele will be people who are divorced, empty nesters and people who suffered loss in their life.

Her business is set to open Wednesday morning.

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