On Thursday, the Sacramento Republic Football Club confirmed affiliations with the San Jose Earthquakes and Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer.

"We are excited to partner with the Timbers and Earthquakes in an effort to develop talent on the field, emulate each club's business success and to entertain our fans with the high quality talent from each club," saidRepublic PresidentWarren Smith. "Our organization is twice blessed with the ability to learn from not one, but two MLS clubs, their experienced operating teams and engaged, passionate supporters. Each affiliate agreement provides an important part of our efforts to provide Sacramento Republic FC, as well as the entire Sacramento region, one of the most talented USL PRO clubs in the league and a MLS vision for our community."

According to the United Soccer League,MLS-USL affiliations are customized per thepartnering clubs, but in general, USL PRO clubs receive long-term loan rights to at least four players from MLS affiliates. The mutually beneficial loansserve to bolster USL squads while offering fringe or developingMLSplayers invaluable in-game experience.

"Beyond the player development benefits, we feel that it is important to help develop professional soccer in Sacramento with an eye to eventually making it a home of its very own MLS team," said Earthquakes President Dave Kaval.

Kaval took to twitter following the announcement, laudingthe job Smith and the Republic have done to date.

"I think @MLS and it's clubs have really taken notice of the great job Warren has done at putting together an organization."

No player allocations have been made between the Republic and Timbers or Earthquakes but Republic Technical Director Graham Smith tweeted, "I think if you watch this space, you'll be hearing some exciting news about player signings within the next 48 hours."

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