E3 2014: A look at 'Madden NFL 15'

EA Sports is going on the defensive with Madden NFL 15, due to release on Aug. 26.

Learning from last year's Madden NFL 25 (as in the 25th anniversary of the Madden video game franchise), the developers at Tiburon are putting a major focus on the defensive side of the ball.The game introduces a number of new mechanics and a new camera angle that puts you behind the defense rather than behind the team with the ball. These new gameplay elements are not solely for the D-line, linebackers and the secondary are receiving similar treatment.

"We've given [the player] visual feedback to tell you how to use those mechanics and then if the ball gets in motion we've given you new tackle mechanics as well along with some visual indicators that will make everybody a better defensive player," game producer Seann Graddy said. "Frankly, it makes defense more fun."

Visuals, too, are expected to be upgraded from last year's version. This time around EA Sports hired former NFL Films Senior Cinematographer Brian T. Murray to brings the game's broadcast-like presentation up to expectations with new camera angles, and a much better attention to detail than in years past.

Those hoping for Madden to make a return to a Nintendo platform such as Wii U will be left riding the pine for the second consecutive year. When asked whether or not EA Sports was working on a Nintendo-compatible Madden game, Graddy said the topic never even came up.

"We've been focused on the new next-gen consoles this year," he said. "We just push the consoles further this year, which is what we do every year."

EA Sports' Madden NFL 15 is scheduled to release August 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The game is currently rated "RP - Rating Pending" by the ESRB.


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