'Project Morpheus' explained by Sony

Two days ago, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida unveiled his company's in-development virtual reality headset.

Code-named "Project Morpheus," Sony promises the device will offer a fully immersive gaming and entertainment experience for the PlayStation 4.

Just how will that be accomplished? By incorporating stereoscopic 3D video with head motion tracking via the PS4's already available camera, 3D surround sound and motion controls courtesy of the company's existing PlayStation Move peripherals.

"What we want to do and one of our goals is to create a sense of presence so when you are using 'Project Morpheus,' it makes you feel like you are in a game world," PlayStation spokesperson Andrew Kelly said.

"This is all incorporated in the PlayStation ecosystem; so if you have the PlayStation camera and the PlayStation 4, this is all going to work for it," Kelly added

Sony unveils virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

Sony's device is already drawing comparisons with the Oculus Rift, another in-development virtual reality gaming headset by Oculus VR. Rather than seeing Oculus' Kickstarter-funded virtual reality setup as competition, Sony regards them almost as comrades in arms.

"I think we see Oculus as partners in trying to figure out [virtual reality] together," Kelly explained. "We referenced Oculus in our reveal and I think we all want to work together with Oculus and Valve to figure out how we can solve VR."

Sony has not yet provided a release window, the actual name or price point for "Project Morpheus," but Kelly was able to say the device will not be coming out until next year, at the earliest.

"It certainly still has some time before we can nail down those details," he said.

Perhaps Sony will have its hammer ready come this year's E3 Expo in June.


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