Thanks to mobile, everyone is a gamer

When people think of modern video game platforms, consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U probably come to mind. Believe it or not, there's another very popular and widely available gaming platform that you probably carry with you every day -- your smartphone and tablet.

Home video game consoles are popular and powerful, but mobile devices are simply everywhere these days.

"There are 250 million people who own consoles and they're who we consider hardcore gamers," Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said. "Then you expand that to the next 1.5 billion people who have smartphones and tablets."

It's because of the large smartphone base that game publishers big and small are releasing more titles for smartphones and tablets. That includes the just-launched World of Tanks Blitz from Wargaming and the upcoming indie game for PlayStation Vita, PC, iOS and Android, Flyhunter Origins from Steel Wool Games.

"We wanted as many people to play our game as possible," Steel Wool Games co-founder Andrew Dayton said. "We thought having a diverse platform base was the way to go."

The ever-growing popularity of mobile and tablet-based gaming goes beyond convenience and easy access. It's also about how the game developers themselves create the content that keeps casual-leaning gaming audiences crushing candy, farming 'vills, and flinging perturbed birds at porcine prey.

"What we do as producers and developers is make sure that we make games that are bite-sized and snack-sized that you can play multiple times a day," EA Mobile's VP of Marketing Steven Stamstad explained. "So, it's a whole different way of experiencing games and it's a lot of fun for us."

As smartphones and tablets get more powerful, affordable and commonplace, it should be of no surprise that this trend will continue.


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