Wargaming explains what's next for World of Tanks

Wargaming's World of Warplanes game might be the company's latest title, but that doesn't mean it's done with the game that's been its bread and butter since it launched in 2011, World of Tanks.

"We have some really big things planned specifically for 2014," company representative Chris Cook said.

Planned updates to World of Tanks for PC include the implementation of Havok physics and a completely new rendering system for the game's tanks, which is supposed to make them look and act more realistic than they currently do. Other updates to the PC version include weather effects, dynamic sound, and historical battles.

"Players will be able to take part and re-create really key battles from the World War II era right down to the models and number of tanks that were in that battle," Cook explained.

As for the Xbox 360 version that launched in the latter half of last year, Wargaming is focusing on increasing the amount of content available to players. That includes a new campaign currently underway called "Map Madness" that runs through the end of March.

"We're tasking players all around the world to destroy as many tanks as they can," Cook explained. "As they hit key milestones, we're going to unlock new maps."

New nations, tanks and features that are currently exclusive to the PC version, such as crews, are also in the works for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

Expanding onto a third platform, Wargaming is also busy at work on World of Tanks: Blitz. The in-development game will be released for tablets and just entered into closed beta a few days ago. Cook said the company is doing everything it can to ensure Blitz will be more than just a mobile port of the core computer game.

"I think there's a bad reputation among games that start on one platform and then go to mobile," he commented. "This is about taking the PC experience of World of Tanks, putting it on iOS and Android, and really making sure the experience is as complete and content-rich as we possibly can make it."

To that end, Wargaming is planning on supporting cross-platform play for multiplayer with 7-on-7 matches. No word, however, if cross-platform supports simply Android-to-iOS or includes the PC and Xbox 360 versions as well.

World of Tanks on all three platforms is free-to-play, but Xbox 360 gamers will need an Xbox LIVE Gold account after seven days of playing the game.


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