Is back pain related to weather conditions?

A recently released study published in the journal of American College of Rheumatology reveals there is no significant link to lower back pain and wind speed.

The study showed a slight increase in pain with higher wind speed and gusts, but the link was not clinically significant.

Researchers examined 993 patients who suffered back pain in Sydney, Australia for a year. They cross checked the patients symptoms with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

The conclusion was temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction or precipitation didn't affect the patients' back pain. Wind however, showed a slight correlation with increased pain, but not enough to consider it clinically important.

Dr. Daniel Steffens with the George Institute for Global Health at the University of Sydney, Australia concludes more research is needed to isolate weather conditions and specific diseases such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


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