DAVIS, Calif. — Two of the three stabbing victims in Davis in recent days were members of the city’s unhoused community. One died and the other is recovering in the hospital. The other stabbing victim was a UC Davis student, who also died.

“That, to me, is really the scary part here…somebody randomly picking out homeless folks and stabbing them to death,” said Bill Pride, executive director of Davis Community Meals and Housing. “Who it could be and why they’re doing this and just the randomness of the whole thing, I think that’s a very scary (thing) for almost anybody – and particularly when you’re homeless and vulnerable like that.”

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Davis Community Meals and Housing serves people experiencing homelessness in Davis, including at a new four-story housing and resources center called Paul’s Place. It’s there and at another shelter the non-profit operates that there are a total of 24 emergency beds that have been added, in partnership with the city, specifically to get people off the street while the attacker or attackers are still on the loose.

19 of those beds were used on Tuesday night and the beds are all claimed for Wednesday night. Pride said the shelter is accepting pets, due to the emergency nature of this situation.

“Everybody wanted to come in yesterday. I mean, I think everybody in town – especially after the Monday night incident, when the person went right through the tent to attack the woman. I think it brought home to everybody living homeless in the city of Davis to the idea that everybody is at risk at this point,” said Pride.

At last count, he said, about 180 people were experiencing homelessness in the city of Davis, 100 of whom were living on the street.

Bill Mauvais is living in temporary housing at Paul’s Place. He moved in days before the attack and said the unhoused community is on edge.

“I’m kind of anxious for everybody out there. I mean, we have our housing, but a lot of people don’t out there. I mean, I’d hate to be out there,” he said.

He has lived in Davis for nearly 50 years and said these stabbings are unlike anything he has seen before.

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“You know, it’s just shattering,” said Mauvais. “This kind of crime is just—it’s crazy.”

He said he knows the victim of the third stabbing – the woman who survived and is recovering in the hospital.

“We’d become friends because she was in the cold weather shelter with us – my wife and I,” said Mauvais. “I’m just glad she’s alright—or getting better, put it that way.”

Pride said Davis Community Meals and Housing has a list of needs for Davis’ unhoused community on its website HERE.


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