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Carley Gomez

Credit: ABC10

Carley Gomez is a host and multi-skilled journalist with ABC10 in Sacramento, specializing in weather and traffic. 

She received her meteorology certification through Mississippi State University and graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a broadcast journalism degree.  

She began her television career as an intern at the Fox News channel in Los Angeles, where she was given the opportunity to cover red carpet events like the Oscar’s and Grammy’s. Carley moved from sunny L.A. to cloudy Eugene, Oregon as a reporter/producer. She quickly focused her talents toward the weather as she was able to combine her love of science and journalism. 

Carley has been fascinated with the atmosphere and outer space from a very young age. She even helped found the “Young Astronauts Club” at her elementary school in Orange County, Calif.

In September 2017, her career went to network television as she took a meteorologist position at NHK in Tokyo. Carley forecasted weather on a global scale covering typhoons, monsoons, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and everything under the sun. Her desire to be closer to family brought her back to California. In 2019, Carley joined ABC10 as the weekend morning meteorologist.

Carley is a native Californian who enjoys being involved with her community through charity runs, and volunteering. When she’s not forecasting the weather, you can find Carley running a race, trying a new restaurant, cheering at a sporting event, or staring at the clouds.

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