Maggie Hollinbeck has been seen on stages across the country and around Sacramento, and on Tuesday, March 20, she’ll give the performance of her life. 

First diagnosed in 2017, the actress is now in her second fight with breast cancer. But Hollinbeck has a warrior’s spirit when it comes to the disease and her prognosis.

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“Breast cancer is a very treatable form of cancer. It is not a death sentence,” she said.

The Sofia, home of the B Street Theatre, will host a concert where the proceeds will go to Hollinbeck’s medical and living expenses during the recovery process while she is unable to work.

“The family here at B Street is like nothing I’ve never known anywhere,” she said. “I’m so incredibly moved and grateful to bring this home to my adopted home, Sacramento, and have the community embrace it. And have this turn into a party.”

Hollinbeck and her music partner, composer Graham Soberman, will perform music from their two albums together, in a concert she has titled, “Farewell, My Peaches,” a nod to her upcoming double mastectomy.

Hollinbeck said, “I think it’s going to be a really fun night, a really rich night of music and some storytelling.”

Tickets to “Farewell, My Peaches” can be purchased through the B Street Theatre website, and those who cannot attend the concert can donate to Maggie’s GoFundMe page.

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