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Californians for the Arts rallies for increased arts funding

People from across the state of California arrived in Sacramento to advocate for the arts.

April is Arts, Creativity and Culture Month in the state of California, and, to celebrate, Californians for the Arts organized a day full events on April 29th. Events ranged from workshops and performances to speaking with legislators at the Capital. 

“Art has always been there. It’s a necessity. It’s an important part of our existence and as part of communication," said Kirti Fantania-Bessendine, a photographer and storyteller showing her latest collection of work during the rally. 

Their goal was to "engage and empower arts supporters to become arts activists." In the state of California, creative sectors generate 7.1% of the gross state product, putting the it ahead of agriculture and transportation. 

Governor Newsom's new budget includes an increase in Arts funding, but Californians for the Arts believes they must continue to advocate for a permanent increase in arts funding.

"The Crocker depends on funding. We can't do what we do without funding," said Erin Dorn of the Crocker Museum. "So, it's really important that everyone understands [that] we need to talk to our government [and] talk to our legislators. Let them know art is not just nice to have. Art is really essential for a thriving community."

More about Californians for the Arts can be found on their website.

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