ANGELS CAMP, Calif. — The Calaveras County Fair and the Jumping Frog Jubilee plans to continue, rain or shine, May 16 to 19 for its 91st year.

Sandie Lema, a spokesperson for the fair and jubilee, said that the weather is not a concern for the long-standing tradition of bringing together the county and jumping frogs. She said that from high-heat to snow the festival continues every year.

"Oh heavens yes, [the weather] has never stopped us before," Lema said. "The weather up here in the foothills is unpredictable at this point in time."

The cherished tradition in the City of Angels Camp was started in 1928, bringing to life the short story by Mark Twain "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

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The main event is the frog jumping competition. The competition draws thousands of spectators to see how far competitors can get a bullfrog to jump. Lema said that the competition is a way of continuing history and a way to gather the people together.

"I know it's hard for some people to understand why this is important," Lema said. "It's kind of like a homecoming for many people."

Lema said that there are frogs people can rent for $5, but people can bring their own American Bullfrogs if they want. There is always frog jumping going on, whether in the main competition or just for fun.

If you are new to frog jumping but want to compete, there is a Jump Start program where people can pay $75 to get paired with others to create a team, receive a frog to use and some coaching before the first round.

Competitors will receive $5,000 if they beat the World Record for frog jumping of 21 feet 5.75 inches., that was set in 1986 by the late Lee Giudici and his frog Rosie the Ribiter. His team of family and friends is among those who have been participating at the frog jump for more than 50 years. If the record is not set, the winning frog receives $750 and a large trophy.

What's at the fair, aside from frog jumping?

Each day there are presentations of livestock, Hillbilly Silly Science and cowgirl tricks.

On Thursday there is a Miss Calaveras Competition. Country music artist Shooter Jennings will be performing on Friday. The California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association Rodeo will be on Saturday. And Sunday will feature the Destruction Derby and Junior Livestock Auction.

Check out part of the Destruction Derby from 2017:

For a full schedule of the events, visit the Frog Town website.


Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. General admission tickets are selling for $11 for Thursday or Friday, $13 for Saturday and $14 for Sunday.

Tickets for kids ages 6 to 12 are free on Thursday, $8 for Friday and Saturday and $12 for Sunday.

Tickets for adults over the age of 65 cost $8 each day.

For all four days, adults can buy tickets for $37. For children, the three-day ticket costs $24. There are also tickets for the rides at the fair available for $27 per day or $77 for all four days.


Lema suggests that people drive to and park at the Savemart, 260 S Main St
Angels Camp, or the high school across the street for free and then take the free shuttle to the fairgrounds rather than just driving there. 

The shuttle schedule can be found by clicking here.


This weekend is expected to be similar to a winter storm, with snow and rain affecting the foothills. Rob Carlmark explained the forecast for the coming days:


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