Beyonce's performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was dubbed by many as the most memorable of her career —  if not of all time.

With her monumental acts during weekend one and two, she became the first woman of color to headline the festival.

Fans can experience the performance all over again in the 23-time Grammy winner’s highly anticipated Netflix documentary "Homecoming," which hit the streaming platform Wednesday.

Jacksonville photographer, J’Quan Jarrell’s photos and video are part of the many you may see featured in the film.

“I applied for a job through Craigslist to be a photographer for the concert,” Jarrell said.

He knew Beyoncé would be apart of Coachella. As a super fan of Queen B, he figured being a Coachella photographer would be an opportunity to capture images of his favorite artist.

From marching bands, to instrumental breakdowns, Jarrell says he knew the historic performance would be an experience.

He posted his images of the 23-time Grammy winner on his social media pages.

In February, he received a request on Instagram from an entertainment company, asking him to check his email.

“The email basically gave me a whole description,” Jarrell said.  “They just jumped straight into it, saying they were on a time crunch, and that they wanted to use the video in what they explained was the Coachella documentary.”

Although it didn’t specify it was for Netflix, being a fan, he says he heard rumor she was working on something with the streaming service.

“At that point, I’m overwhelmed but excited at the same time,” Jarrell said.

Later that day, he was asked to sign a contract from the management company, which licensed him the video. 

Due to the contract, he was unable to share the news with anyone until Netflix announced the release date.

“Honestly it’s a blessing to have my name, you know marked on something so historic, as Coachella.” Jarrell said. “And then she’s my favorite artist, so to see my name on that is honestly just so unreal to me.”

The documentary itself is bound to be an essential win for the streaming service.

Beyoncé surprised her fans early Wednesday morning by dropping a previously unannounced live album just as her new documentary “Homecoming,” began streaming on Netflix.

**J'Quan is the CEO of J'Quan Productions, based in Jacksonville, FL.**