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ABC10's Emmy-winning stories

Watch ABC10's 2019 Emmy-winning storytelling.
Credit: KXTV

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — On Emmy night, ABC10 shined bright. 

At the 48th Annual Northern California Area EMMY Awards, ABC10 took home a whopping 8 Emmy Awards, more than any other station else in their market. Thank you for trusting us to tell stories that resonate. 

ABC10 won Emmys in the following categories: 

Here's a look at a few of the stories that won gold for ABC10:

Afghanistan War: What Is Winning

In this documentary, ABC10 reporter Michael Anthony Adams was given rare access to military teams in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. Embedded in Afghanistan, Adams gives us a raw, on-the-ground look at U.S. troop efforts against a smart and savvy enemy — the Taliban. 

Escaping Paradise | California Wildfires: The New Normal

When the Camp Fire ignited, it started a chain of events that allowed it to become the deadliest wildfire in California history. There was no plan to handle an evacuation on this scale, and it led to more than 80 deaths. 

Homemade 'DeLorean' hovercraft 

By day, he drives for Uber and Lyft. The rest of the time, Matt Riese drives the awesome machine he built piece by piece. John takes an incredible ride on Bartell's Backroads. 

Immigration Crisis: Life on the Border

Stories of men, women, and kids who risked death to get to the US-Mexico border, and how the situation looks from both sides.