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Bartell's Backroads: Tahoe's Christmas axe throwing contest

A Nevada man hopes a Christmas contest will drum up axe throwing interest in the states.

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STATELINE, Nev. — There is only one place at Lake Tahoe to unleash your inner woodsman,  and it's right over the California border. 

Tahoe Axe Throwing is the first venue in Lake Tahoe to offer daily axe throwing competitions. Trevor Thompson started the business after experiencing axe throwing in Canada. He said his business gives players the real "axe throwing experience." 

"We go by the World Axe Throwing Federation rules so the axes are over a pound and the blade is no longer than four inches," Thompson said. 

You read that right — there really is a World Axe Throwing Federation. 

The art of axe throwing is super popular in Canada, and in Tahoe, Thompson held a Christmas axe throwing competition to drum up interest in the states.


  • Players get five throws at a target. 
  • A bullseye is five points. 
  • The player with the best score moves on to the next round. 
  • Each player gets about an hour of play time and lots of practice. 

"For beginners there will be lots of axes hitting the floor," Thompson said. "(But) players will be surprised how fast they pick it up." 

Tahoe Axe Throwing has daily competitions at the old Wells Fargo parking lot in Stateline, Nev. For now, alcohol is not allowed.

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