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Glamping in a covered wagon outside Yosemite National Park | Bartell's Backroads

This in not the covered Conestoga Wagon pioneers slept in.

GROVELAND, Calif. — Just outside the gates of Yosemite National Park, you'll find a camping experience like no other, one where you can sleep in a covered Conestoga Wagon.

Located in the gold rush town of Groveland in Tuolumne County is Yosemite Pines Resort and RV Park, which offers several camping options, most notably are the covered Conestoga Wagons.

The Conestoga Wagon was one of the largest covered wagons used in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. Its unique shape could carry large loads and has been modernized at Yosemite Pines Resort. According to manager Jesse Bertram, its nothing like what early pioneers slept in. 

“Glamping is how many people describe it,” Bertram said.

Glamping, also known as glamorous camping, is a good description of the modern take on the Conestoga Wagon. From the outside, the wagon's look rustic. They are made of wood with canvas tops. 

Inside, you will find soft beds, air conditioning, a microwave and cell phone chargers, all standard in each wagon. Even with all the modern amenities, visitors are encouraged to experience pioneer life any way they can. 

“We had a family dress in colonial clothing and cook over a fire,” Bertram said.

If sleeping in a wagon is not your thing, the resort also has cabins, yurts and these fancy glamping campers. The resort is at the gateway to Yosemite. If you get a chance, say hello to the donkeys at the petting zoo. There’s also a good chance you can get some pictures of wildlife coming through the area.

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