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Dental hygiene takes a hit amid the pandemic | Health Beat with Brea Love

Some patients skipped visits during the pandemic, now dentists say their teeth are suffering.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — When it comes to health, some would say the mouth is the gateway to the body, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of patients put aside their oral care. 

Sacramento dentist Dr. Michael Casagrande said a lot of patients missed appointments during the pandemic and haven't followed through with treatment. 

"We are seeing broken and cracked teeth, as well as sore temporomandibular joints from grinding and clenching," Dr. Casagrande said. "We're also seeing large cavities due to an increase in sugary snacks. I believe that these conditions are a direct result of the added stress during the pandemic, as well as a lack of preventative [care]."

He went on to say many oral healthcare problems can be solved with simple treatment.

"But neglecting care will only lead to bigger problems, and added financial costs and more time in the dental chair for the patient," Dr. Casagrande said.

How can you avoid that? Getting back to preventative care. That means getting x-rays, routine cleanings and exams. That way you can get your oral hygiene back in order. 

Dr. Casagrande said you don't have to be feel fearful about returning to your dentist because dentistry has always been on the forefront of sterilization and disinfection. He said dental offices are doing what they can to keep people safe. 


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