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'It’s important for me to wear a mask for someone else' | You tell us who you wear a mask for

"I wear it for my dad. He caught Guillain-Barre syndrome about seven years ago," Leighann Fontenot told ABC10.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Here at ABC10, we’re asking, for who do you wear a mask?

Meet Leighann Fontenot. She used to work for carnivals and fairs, but hasn't lately because of the coronavirus and the shutdown it caused. She wears a mask for someone very dear to her.

“I wear it for my dad," Fontenot said. "He caught Guillain-Barre syndrome about seven years ago which makes him immunosuppressed, a compromised immune system. So he can’t even get a flu shot. It would kill him.”

Fontenot recently moved back to Northern California to care for her parents, and she wants to remind everyone that wearing a mask is one of the most unselfish things you can do.

“It’s not important for me to wear a mask. It’s important for me to wear a mask for someone else," Fontenot said. "To be selfless. It’s not a joke. I’ve known too many people that have actually caught this. Don’t be selfish. It’s selfish not to wear a mask.”

More than anything, Fontenot is hoping that we can all do our part to prevent the spread so she can get back to doing what she loves.

“Fairs and festivals…I miss seeing all those happy faces," Fontenot said. "I worked there for 25 years. I miss those guys. I miss those fairy faces.”


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