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Healthy lipstick options | Meg Unprocessed

Lipstick is the number one most used beauty product, but there's a few things you should start to consider besides just the color.

If you're interested in makeup, lipstick is probably the first thing you tried as a child. I know it was for me.

Lipstick is the number one most used beauty product, but there's a few things you should start to consider besides just the color.

The cosmetics industry isn't regulated very well, so, as consumers, we should educate ourselves on the ingredients going in the products we're buying.

It's estimated that women ingest between two and nine pounds of lipstick over their lifetime!

Just like I mentioned with sunscreen, what we put on our body does absorb into our bloodstream.

So what's in lipsticks that could be so dangerous? Here's just some of the ingredients we should avoid..

  1. Synthetic Dyes - These dyes are derived from things like aluminum and coal tar, which is a known carcinogen. That means it's been linked to causing cancer. We also don't want to be eating aluminum on the regular as it's toxic for the brain.
  2. BHT and BHA - These are two preservatives that I thought were just in our food, but they're also in lipstick. Just like I recommend avoiding eating them, we should also avoid them in our cosmetics because they've been linked to organ toxicity, hormone disruption and skin irritation.
  3. Fragrance -  This is one ingredient I recommend avoiding. It's put in many products like house cleaners and laundry detergents, but why do our lipsticks need to have a scent?  These synthetic fragrances have shown to be a major disruption to hormones which can cause a lot of different health issues. 

Here's a few of my favorite non-toxic lipsticks free of harsh chemicals.

Eco Bella - This lipstick is fragrance free and made with natural dyes. I'm not sure why lipsticks need synthetic fragrance but I recommend avoiding them as they've been linked to hormone imbalance.

Lily Lolo - This is a European company and that's good because the EU has banned a long list of chemicals in their cosmetics that are still allowed here in the US. This lipstick is made with organic ingredients and oils that help keep your lips moisturized.

100% Pure - This company uses fruit extract to color their lipsticks and glosses. They are one of the cleanest makeup brands on the market. Their glosses are my favorite and stay on for a long time!

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