SACRAMENTO, Calif. — 10 people survive fiery plane crash at Oroville Municipal Airport – Just looking at the plane on the runway, seeing how completely destroyed it was after being fully engulfed by flames following a crash. That plane was carrying 10 people — eight passengers and two pilots. Miraculously, all 10 people aboard escaped unscathed. Here's what happened: The pilot of the twin-engine jet aborted its takeoff from Oroville Municipal Airport to Portland International Airport for unknown reasons shortly before noon, a Federal Aviation Administration official said. The jet had complications during takeoff that resulted in its catching fire. It slid off the end of the runway, sparking a fire in the dry grass. It took more than an hour to extinguish the jet, partly because it had just taken on 400 gallons of jet fuel. It's still unclear how, but the pilots and all of the passengers escaped the plane and left the runway quickly. (Associated Press)

Stockton Fire Marshal shuts down six pallet businesses over growing fire concerns – One after another, pallet fires have lit up the skies of Stockton. Now, the city is taking action, posting cease-and-desist operations notices on six pallet businesses until the businesses address various fire and building code violations. Specifically, the city says the non-compliant businesses lack fire access roads. The city also requires them to store pallets within 150 feet of a water supply and develop a site plan that identifies pallet storage areas. That water supply may be a private hydrant on the property or a street hydrant. The Fire Marshal said all of Stockton's 15 pallet yards were inspected. The non-compliant yards were approached in January with a follow-up letter in June. The city says unless the violations are corrected, the pallet yards will remain closed for good. (Kurt Rivera, ABC10)

Modesto denied a permit for a 'Straight Pride' event. Organizers say they're holding it regardless – Last month, organizers of a Straight Pride rally in Modesto sparked outrage after, not only hosting an anti-LGBTQ event, but also scheduling it on the same day as the Stockton Pride rally celebrating the LGBTQ community. Modesto city officials denied the permit over security concerns, but organizers say their event will happen no matter what. In response to the proposed "Straight Pride" event scheduled Saturday in Modesto, a number of events will be happening around town in counterprotest. They say they plan to announce the location Saturday their website and Facebook page. Modesto police officials said the department is bringing in extra officers for the day and will deploy a mobile field force team to help with crowd control. This also comes just a week after the Modesto City Council passed a new ordinance banning certain things that could be considered as weapons at public demonstrations like masks, glass, and signposts. (Lena Howland, ABC10)

Anti-vaccine activist shoves State Sen. Richard Pan – An anti-vaccine activist has been cited in the assault of a California lawmaker who was pushed on a sidewalk near the Capitol. Kenneth Austin Bennett, 54, live-streamed the confrontation on his Facebook, which shows him shoving state Sen. Richard Pan on the sidewalk near the Capitol. Bennett has unsuccessfully attempted to recall Pan and filed paperwork to run against him last year, though he never appeared on the ballot. The video shows him running into Pan on the sidewalk and confronting Pan about his position on vaccines. The video then shows Bennett reaching out and shoving Pan in the back after Pan laughs, launching the lawmaker several feet forward. The Sacramento Police Department confirmed they cited and released Bennett for misdemeanor assault. (Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press)

Nachos, beers and the Steve Miller Band... Is it the weekend yet? Well, it should be, because it's been a long week, and there are so many things to do this weekend in Northern California. So much so that we made a list of 10 things to do this weekend in, well, Northern California. Have fun, and stay cool!

It's that time of year again in Sacramento... That time where the city smells like fresh paint because artists are throwing up murals for the annual Wide Open Walls festival. Artists had 10 days to complete their murals, and we wanted to check out the walls before and after.