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PG&E to put power lines underground in Paradise – Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) announced plans Wednesday to put all electric distribution power lines underground in Paradise, the town devastated by California's deadliest wildfire. The underground lines will be installed as PG&E rebuilds the entire power grid in Paradise. The electric company needs to replace 74 miles of damaged natural gas lines. In May, Cal Fire said the Camp Fire was caused by a high-voltage transmission line owned by PG&E near the town of Pulga. PG&E will not bury the line that actually started the Camp Fire. Instead, it will bury the smaller distribution lines found on wooden poles running around Paradise neighborhoods, reducing wildfire risk by eliminating the possibility of trees knocking into power lines and starting a fire. The conversion to underground lines will happen over a five-year period. (Ja'Nel Johnson, ABC10)

Police won't fight California use-of-force bill – Major law enforcement organizations dropped their opposition Thursday to California legislation that strengthens standards for when officers can use deadly force, a shift that followed changes to the measure. The measure would bar police from using lethal force unless it is "necessary" to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to officers or bystanders. It was prompted by public outrage over fatal police shootings, including the killing of unarmed vandalism suspect Stephon Clark in Sacramento last year. The current standard lets officers kill if they have "reasonable" fear they or others are in imminent danger, a threshold that makes it rare for officers to be charged following a shooting and rarer still for them to be convicted. (Associated Press)

Stockton Police arrest 13 suspected 'East Side Crips' gang members – Stockton Police arrested 13 people that they say were part of the “East Side Crips” street gang. The police department, working alongside the California Department of Justice and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office, opened an investigation into the gang in January 2019. Investigators say the gang was responsible for several crimes, including homicide, attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal weapons possession, illegal weapons trafficking, robberies, narcotics trafficking and pimping/human trafficking. In addition to the 13 suspected gang members arrested, authorities say they also recovered seven handguns and an assault rifle, six pounds of marijuana, 3/4 pound of meth and 15 grams of cocaine. (Matthew Nuttle, ABC10)

‘A Night for Natalie’ concert honors fallen Davis police officer –  Some 600 people turned out for "A Night for Natalie," a concert and fundraiser in memory of fallen Davis police officer Natalie Corona. Corona was shot and killed in January in the line of duty. Since then, her family and supporters have established the Natalie Corona Memorial Fund. Natalie's father, Merced Corona, said money in the memorial fund will sponsor scholarships, charity donations and improvements to Corona’s Colusa County home. Thursday’s concert at the Colusa County Fairgrounds featured American Idol finalist and former Marine Josh Gracin, as well as Wade Hayes, Johnny Owens and Gregor Ross. Merced Corona said this will be the last official organized event in his daughter's memory. (Becca Habegger, ABC10)

You have your REAL ID in your wallet... Well, the application process isn't fully over yet. The bad news is - the DMV will soon be in touch with you. The good news is - it's not going to be a difficult process unless you have moved since you got your Real ID. You'll simply have to provide additional information to satisfy the second residency document requirement.

If you're hiking this Memorial Day Weekend... Although I imagine that many are honoring their fallen family members or thinking about barbecue and not considering hiking. Regardless, if you do plan on trekking out somewhere this weekend—or any weekend for that matter—check out this list of California Parks from Bartell's Backroads.