SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Stockton's history of gun violence and those working to bring peace to its streets – Stockton has a long history of bloodshed. More than 500 people have been killed in the city in the past decade, and at least a thousand more have been wounded by gunfire. It’s a cycle of violence that has broken families, left neighborhoods in fear, and forced city leaders to scramble to find solutions before the next grave is dug. And while there are many people trying to rewrite that history, some say it's not being written quick enough. In this short documentary, ABC10's Michael Anthony Adams spends time in Stockton getting to know families directly impacted by the violence, and those working to stem the tide. (Michael Anthony Adams, ABC10)

Dive Bar, Sacramento police investigating alleged drugged drink –Sacramento’s popular Dive Bar and the police are investigating an alleged drugging that had Reddit and Twitter buzzing this week. Angel Gonzales told ABC10 that she and her friend each ordered an AMF — a drink known for how strong it is —at the bar on the night of July 11. Within five minutes, Gonzales said she felt more drunk than she’s ever been in her life — and she hadn’t even had more than a sip of the drink she ordered. She knew something was wrong. With no way to prove that she had been drugged, Gonzales took to Twitter on Monday. A place she said she typically goes to vent. The tweet went viral. Dive Bar told ABC10 that they are conducting an internal investigation. Officials from the Alcohol Beverage Control and the Sacramento Police Department said they are looking into the allegations as well. (Marie Estrada/Madison Meyer, ABC10)

Dixon inventor loses flying cars in brush fire – A seemingly small brush fire turned into big losses for an inventor in Dixon. Not one but two of his flying cars were completely burned. Paul Moller is the inventor of many things, but most notably he invented the Moller Sky Car. The 82-year-old has had some ups and downs in the flying car business, but on July 14 around 2 p.m., Moller experienced a new low. There's no way to be sure, but Moller thinks a lawnmower sparked the brush fire that ultimately burned down the storage shed that housed the first two flying cars he ever built. The two flying cars lost in the fire were prototypes built in the 1960s. Moller's latest prototypes are safe and still on display at his testing facility off Lincoln Highway in Dixon. That’s where Moller houses a variety of his inventions, including a drone he built for the military, and a stockpile of high-powered rotary engines. (John Bartell, ABC10)

22-mile stretch of Hwy 70 known as 'Blood Alley' to see major safety improvements – A 22-mile corridor of Highway 70 that's been nicknamed 'Blood Alley' is set to see major improvements beginning this month. CalTrans announced Thursday that construction to widen the highway will begin in July to help make that stretch of the highway safer for commuters. Butte County officials said there have been 42 fatalities between Marysville and Oroville since 2010. CalTrans and the Butte County Association of Governments are partnering on this $48.6 million project, which represents the construction of the first of six safety projects in the coming years for the Highway 70 corridor between Oroville and Marysville. This project is made possible due to funds from SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. (Daniela Pardo, ABC10)

Go adopt that new furry friend you've been thinking about. The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is hoping to help you as you help them. The shelter is waiving adoption fees on some pets until Sunday, July 21 due to "extreme overcrowding." The animal shelter says they are housing 200 dogs in 132 kennels and more than 300 cats/kittens.

Sometimes you just know a story involves Florida... This is one of those stories. The headline is what's going to make you laugh: Five guys arrested for fighting at a Five Guys. Yes, you read that correctly. The story came out yesterday, and immediately went viral. Some stories just write themselves.