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50 arrested, 42 guns seized in Stockton Norteño gang takedown, police say – A sweeping, city-wide takedown in Stockton led to the arrest at least 50 Norteño gang members and affiliates, as well as the seizing of 42 guns and 25 lbs. of drugs, Stockton Police Chief announced Tuesday morning. The multi-agency operation was so aggressive, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones had to update the arrest and gun seizures stats in real-time during a press conference. Jones said he even expects those figures to increase as time rolls on. Operation Red Ruins was launched back in September. Jones said the Norteño gang has been known for crimes like homicide, attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal weapons possession and trafficking, robberies, and narcotics trafficking. (Eric Escalante, ABC10)

Stockton City Council unanimously passes rent control ordinance, bans no-fault evictions – Tam-me and Ed Jackson live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in North Stockton with their recent college graduate son, Nijer. They've rented that home for seven years, but it hasn't been easy. Tam-me works two jobs as social worker and marriage and family therapist. Her husband, a former warehouse supervisor, is disabled. Their rent was $1,100, but her landlord increased it this month to $1,300. That's an 18% increase. That type of increase will no longer be the norm after the Stockton City Council unanimously passed a rent control ordinance Tuesday night adopting Tenant Protection Act of 2019, or Assembly Bill 1482, capping rent increases to 5% annually. That will go into effect immediately. By adopting the bill, the city also immediately bans no-fault evictions in the city, ahead of the bill's Jan. 1, 2020 implementation. Under the new ordinance, landlords will only be able to evict tenants if they have a reason — like not paying rent or breaking their lease agreement. (Kurt Rivera, ABC10)

Why Airbnb style rentals near Tahoe are getting new rules from Placer County – Placer County is laying down some new ground rules for short-term rental homes like Airbnb’s heading into 2020. While these short term rentals have played a big role in Placer County’s tourism economy for years, complaints have started to pile up as they get more and more popular. County officials drafted an ordinance specifically targeting the eastern portion of Placer County where rentals have gotten so popular that they’re actually starting to clash with the very reasons some people come to the area, according to the county. There's also a concern about basic safety measures. If you want your property to be a short-term rental in eastern Placer County, you’ll have to follow Placer County’s new rules and permit application. When it comes to violations, the ordinance plays out with a complaint being lodged and a county staffer confirming what happened. From there, they’ll try to resolve the issue. But if it keeps happening, you could be looking at fines. (Eric Escalante, ABC10)

Elk Grove Police adding extra patrols around shopping centers for holiday season– Elk Grove Police is adding extra marked and unmarked patrol cars around shopping centers this holiday season in an increased effort to deter crime. The units will begin driving through parking lots in the coming weeks, as well as adding some patrol officers walking around on foot. They're hoping the increased police presence will help reduce crime and educate people about being safe. Police say they usually see an uptick in crimes, like burglaries, around shopping areas around the holiday season. The officers who will be patrolling are officers who are coming in on their off days. The city set aside funds for the extra overtime. This year they're trying to be more unpredictable about when they'll be patrolling. (Ananda Rochita, ABC10)

PG&E power shutoffs are here... On Tuesday afternoon, PG&E said it planned to shut off power for 18 counties starting as early as 6 a.m. Wednesday and as late as 4 p.m. the same day. We created a Google Map highlighted the counties impacted, as well as when their power will be shut off.

Tom Hanks and Mr. Rogers are apparently related... According to, the two are SIXTH COUSINS! Who would've thought? Not me. It's almost as though Tom Hanks was destined to play Mr. Rogers in a biopic on everyone's neighbor.