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How undesired weight gain during the pandemic can impact mental health | Health Beat with Brea Love

61% of Americans say they gained some undesirable weight during the pandemic, which can take a toll on mental health.

Research shows 61% of people have experienced some undesired weight gain during the pandemic, which can take a toll on mental health. 

Clinical Director of Eating Recovery Center Sacramento Cory Adams said that weight gain is most likely due to the sedentary lifestyle many have picked up. 

Gyms had to close and fitness classes were canceled, which minimized the outlet some had to get out and move their bodies. Also, isolation, depression and stress can lead to emotional eating. 

"I think it makes you feel overwhelmed. Not only are we having to get back into our social norms, but now people are getting back into those social norms sometimes with a little bit less confidence because they are focusing on their negative self-talk or they're concerned about their body image," Adams said. 

He said you should focus on body neutrality to start. It is important to understand the body's value, function and appreciate what the body does for you. Then you can move toward body positivity once you move towards neutrality. 

Adams suggests treating your body like you would treat your best friend as you start to get back into a routine. 

To help with this, social media apps like Pinterest have even started to remove diet ads to better support mental health, which is something Adams applauds.

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