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'Our elders, especially those with Alzheimer's, are having a really tough time right now' | You tell us who you wear a mask for

Linda Kalb Hamm is a laughter yoga instructor in Alzheimer's facilities. She wears the mask to protect the community.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Linda Kalb Hamm knows how to bring laughter to people, literally. 

Hamm is a laughter yoga instructor, and she’s been teaching yoga at Alzheimer's facilities for the last seven years. She was inspired to start working in Alzheimer’s facilities after losing her mother to the disease several years back.

“I wear my mask to recognize that they’re a valuable part of our society," Hamm said. "And to hope that we can have a cure for COVID[-19] and Alzheimer’s one day. Alzheimer's is not going away. And our elders, especially those with Alzheimer's are having a really tough time right now.”

In addition to being a committee member for the annual Sacramento Walk to End Alzheimer's, Hamm also creates face coverings for people.

“I’ve designed a few purple masks that are really, really comfortable," Hamm said. "I’ve designed them because I thought people would be more comfortable with masks. I’ve spent months researching because I have asthma and I don’t like things smashed against my face. My feeling is that maybe if people that do a little more research and find something that’s works for them. Its not a one size fits all.”

Hamm understands that not everybody may be on board with wearing a mask, but she wants to remind those who may be stubborn about wearing a mask that it’s not about you.

“This is how the new world is and if we want to enjoy some of the things we’re used to, we just have to pull together," Hamm said.

The Sacramento Walk to End Alzheimer's will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26. Linda says that anyone who signs up for the virtual walk will receive a free walk flag.

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