Today's long Why Guy question from Donelle: "Why can't we have how-to-drive reminder signs along the freeway? Example: 'Use your blinker when changing lanes'; 'Use the zipper method when merging'; ;No passing on the right'; 'Shoulder is not a lane'; or 'Chill we are all gonna get there.'"

So, Donelle, you're suggesting that adding more road signs will help people who can't drive, drive better?

There are 500,000 road signs in California and 394,000 miles of roadway to put them along. Our state is second only to Texas in total lane miles. Not really sure more signs is the answer here, but let's ask the experts.


CalTrans manages many of the signs we see while managing 50,000 miles of state highway. And the department programs those digital signs that can be updated with immediate or seasonal concerns or something that might spark a debate of sorts.

Some of these signs seem obvious, like this one from a year ago: “Watch for pedestrians walking on all roadways." Well, yeah.

"CalTrans and CHP coordinate to develop safety-focused messages for the changeable message sign boards throughout the state," explained Raquel Borrayo, spokesperson with CalTrans. "Typical messages may include language to discourage cell phone use and inebriation while driving... be work zone alert and slow in construction zones."

So, for our why question about adding more signs to help bad drivers, it would seem that we have too many signs as it is. And an equal amount of bad drivers who aren't paying attention to them anyway.

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