Can we all agree that we're either in a drought, coming out of a drought or getting ready for the next drought?

Water to us is like... liquid gold. And it's the subject of this week's Why Guy.

So we traveled to the dam to ask why any water is being released downriver in August when we're supposed to be conserving. Our observation was that a small amount of water had recently been released and that it happens as needed throughout the summer.

"Some of the water is being used for the Sacramento area water needs, some of it goes to the Delta to maintain water quality there and some of it is conveyed to the Central Valley for agriculture and the municipalities there," Jeff Rieker, operations manager with Bureau of Reclamation's Mid Pacific Region, said.

During peak rainy season, the gates at the dam are wide open to control the water from flooding much of the region. But, why can't we store all this runoff for summer use?

"At this point, we're using the water that we've stored in the spring to meet the needs of summer and fall as we get ready for the next rainy season," Rieker said.

One thing is certain, according to ABC10 meteorologists, If we don't get an above average rainy season this winter, we'll be back in drought status, again.

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