Teachers are used to reaching into their own pockets to supplement supplies for the school year. However Amaya Weiss, a learning resource specialist at John H. Still Middle School saw a need that went beyond the classroom. She witnessed families that were in turmoil and economic distress and their children- her students, were paying the price. Amaya decided to address what she felt was a community issue by creating a collection site at John H. Still to help some of the families with basic necessities. Calling it "The Hope Closet," Amaya put a call out for everything from toiletries to canned goods.

We introduced Sac&Co viewers to this amazing effort when it was launched last year and now, Amaya returns to the show to catch viewers up on how well the project is doing thanks to the generous support from the public. Donations to The Hope Closet are accepted year round. To learn more or to drop off a donation, call John H. Still Middle School at 916-433-5191.