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Pets for Vets!

Find out how Bonney Plumbing Heating &Air and The Honor Group are working to provide therapy dogs for veterans suffering from combat related stress disorders.  

Our military men and women selflessly serve our country during times of peace and conflict. Many veterans who have been in direct combat zones may physically leave the conflict behind when they come home, but for some, the memories of combat is always with them. Therapy dogs have been shown to help vets battling with the demons of war, but the price of a trained therapy dog can be prohibitive. For those veterans who suffer from combat related stress disorders, Bonney Plumbing Heating & Air and The Honor Group want to provide four legged relief and comfort. Eddie Russell with Bonney Plumbing Heating & Air along with Mark Soto with The Honor Group share details about their fundraising effort to help provide service dogs to deserving veterans. For information on how the public can help visit thehonorgroup.org