Hip Hop dancer Kida shocked thousands with his in sync dance moves on the hit television show, 'So You Think You Can Dance.' Kida partnered up with All Star Winner Fik-Shun and amazed viewers with their unbelievable skills on the dance floor, taking home the win! Kida came back to his hometown Sacramento to tell us all about his experience.

Mellisa Paul got the chance to chat with Kida about his time on the show and the continued success he's gained after the show. Kida has been on Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, and can be seen dancing in Usher's latest music video 'No Limit'.

We then got to play a game of 'Celebrity Countdown' with Kida, where we challenged him to answer 20 questions in as little as 30 seconds. We found out that he prefers Rihanna over Beyonce, Lebron over Kobe, and so much more!

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